How good posture reflects good health

How good posture reflects good health

How good posture reflects good health

By Abby Rebong


“As your eyes are the mirror to your soul, so is your posture a mirror to your health,” says Doc Mike Tetrault, one of the handful of chiropractors who are diligently trying to improve the nation’s health through advocating proper spine care.


TOGETHER WITH BACKJOY, Doc Mike, who is also well known for his health and wellness blog and as the owner of Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinic, has been making the rounds to extend the reach spine care advocacy.


“Successful health begins and ends with a personal philosophy of health,” says Doc Mike in his seminars on spine care. Practicing natural health, Doc Mike says that his profession is more proactive as it deals with the health side of the issues rather than the disease side of the equation.


Enjoy good health as you get older

Posture, strength, endurance – these are the three things that Doc Mike wants people to focus on to be able to enjoy good health even as they grow older. He says that those who made conscious efforts to take care of their health from the kind of food that they take, the amount exercise that they make, to proper spine hygiene, have better bone health, wherein they may be in their 80s but have the spine of a healthy 25 year old.


He says, “From children to aging adults, there’s still so much to be done to bring back the vitality to spine health. Old people don’t have to live miserable lives not, being able to do anything. They just need to have their spine checked.”


The importance of good posture

It is an important statement to make, he elaborates, because when a person has poor posture, they’re going to have poor health. “It’s almost parallel,” he says, adding that, it’s something that we already know intuitively.


This is why he asks people during his seminars to look back on the people they know – how many of them have bad posture, and how many have good posture; and in their knowledge, who are the ones who enjoy good health?


“Well in reality, ‘Why does posture translates into bad health?’ Because when the posture is compromised, the nervous system is also compromised. And because of that, how will your brain be able to communicate to your other body parts significantly and systematically its needs at the moment?”


He explains that when we have a clear nervous system then we’ll have a good chance for health. “When our frame is affected and distorted because the nerves are anatomically misaligned, they’re going to affect the nerves, then wherever those nerves are going, are going to start to malfunction. It’s like a short circuit. So if you alter the power, which is not just the volume, but also the outcome, you’re gonna have an abnormal effect on that. That’s why a person’s health is compromised.”


The dilemma

Unfortunately for the Philippines there’s only a few – very few, chiropractors servicing the nation, this is why Doc Mike is highly enthusiastic about this partnership with BackJoy wherein he’s able to share his knowledge on proper spine health, and hopefully reach a bigger audience so more people can benefit.


Given that there’s a scarcity of available chiropractors in the country, Doc Mike admits that seeking chiropractic care can be quite costly. He hopes that while awaiting for a law to be passed requiring the need for a chiropractic college in the country to finally be put up, his, along with BackJoy’s efforts will result in better awareness for proper spine care.


Aside from conducting seminars, with the help of Doc Mike, BackJoy has also made the initiative to gather useful data on the country’s spine health through tests that are being conducted in BackJoy kiosks nationwide. Doc Mike personally trained the BackJoy team to be able to conduct the posture test, making them certified to conduct the said test. “We must have a wide-based data to be able to come up with standards so we’ll be able to know how to be concerned on how to go about these things and it’s important for a company like Backjoy to know which products should be made available,” he stresses.


Having personally tried out Backjoy’s bestselling SitSmart product, Doc Mike highly recommends it to other people who want to enjoy improvements in their health by way of good posture posture.


“There are a lot of physical effects associated with repetitive physical stress and you can see it on a person’s posture. Flexibility is important for you to avoid injury when you have to use your strength, this is why stretching is a must. Now for the occupations that are more sedentary, you have to be able to stretch also. Like a person who’s working in the office is more prone of getting into an accident picking up something from the floor as opposed to a worker in a construction site.”


It’s significant that the public knows the importance of spine health says Doc Mike. Hence, self-care is always important. Start your own road to good health by visiting BackJoy kiosks nationwide to learn more about spine hygiene, what you can do to get good posture, check out the BackJoy products that can aid you in this health journey, as well as take the spine test to help you become better aware of what your body needs.


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